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The Mothership Aeronautics ecosystem is intended to empower students, hobbyists, professionals and organizations to develop and integrate their own unmanned systems through configurable, micromanufacturable vehicle designs.


It is to complement to open source hardware projects such as Pixhawk, and open source control software such as PX4, Ardupilot and ROS.

Mothership Aeronautics Ltd. is jumpstarting this ecosystem by releasing the Viking quadcopter design. The Viking is a basic quadcopter, comparable in size and power to DJI Phantom 4.


The Viking airframe consists of several 3D printed parts, and a list of off-the-shelf components that can be assembled in most garages, makerspaces or schools. Viking can also be mass produced at relatively low startup cost.

Mothership Aeronautics is releasing the following free of charge:

Additionally, Mothership Aeronautics provides the following services to the ecosystem:

  • Accredited Drone building Courses offered through Partner Institutions

  • Viking Customizations (Custom Paylods, Accessories, Applications)

  • Online Drone Parts Store (Viking Prints, Other Drones Frames)