Supply Chain Management & Energy Efficiency

These two concepts are very related today, the optimization of the supply chain contributes to the Energy Efficiency and lack logistics management will cause larger amounts of transported materials.

It is a very comfortable thing to enter Amazon, Ebay or Alibaba, and that the goods you wanted, not available in the local stores, arrives at your door in a couple of weeks. But, what is behind this kind of wonderful comfort?, a recent investigation from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration of United States (NOAA) concluded that 60,000 global human deaths annually are caused by the pollution of the toxic gasses provided by the 90,000 ships that are sailing nowadays, and it would be difficult to measure the quantity of animals that meet the same fate.

What about the pollution? the sum of the 15 ships that contribute more to this, are generating the same quantity as 760,000,000 cars, and a lot of them are full of the products that you have found, selected and ordered from your home.

What are the big companies doing to contribute to Energy Efficiency and the optimization of the Supply Chain? Certain videos and excerpts of patents have become viral in this couple of years, showing us huge solar airships distributing products with drones, with Amazon and Walmart logos, these videos have been already 2 years on Youtube, with the sources of this companies and the technology available today, I hope to see those airships flying soon, but I could not find yet more actual information about these interesting projects.

Nevertheless, there are some other amazing projects actually coming, Port-Liner is working on an electric cargo ship that allows transport of 14 20ft containers, and charges its huge batteries by wind and solar energy.

"PortLiner EC110 Electric Ship"

What are we doing at Mothership Aeronautics today in order to contribute to Energy Efficiency and the optimization of our Supply Chain?:

  1. Our products use solar energy to perform aerial operations that today are being done by helicopters, aircrafts, ships, trucks and drones (for more information visit

  2. We have successfully changed to manufacture many parts ourselves with biodegradable materials thanks to 3D printing technologies instead of purchasing from a foreign country, our supply chain do not depend of carbon intensive shipping methods.

"Scout Solar Power Airship, Mothership Aeronautics"

Mothership Aeronautics has the vision of achieving aerial persistence with our solar powered airships, and replace the actual systems in many activities, contributing to the environment care.

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