eBlimp.com and Mothership Aeronautics Partner up to go Vertical in Blimps

After successful collaboration on design and manufacture of solar-powered airships since 2016, eBlimp and Mothership Aeronautics have initiated a merger.

Larry Fleming and Jonathan Nutzati shake hands

eBlimp.com has made, sold, rented and flown radio-controlled blimps from their Southern California facility since 2004. They have completed major projects for clients such as Katy Perry, the NFL Superbowl, NHL teams, businesses and research institutes. In September of 2016, Mothership Aeronautics engaged eBlimp to prototype the proof concept of solar-powered airship they would later name Scout.

Mothership Aeronautics is a Silicon Valley startup founded in 2019 focused on developing autonomous aerially persistent robotic systems on a platform of solar-powered airships.

The strategic merger allows eBlimp to expand and scale their products and services with the injection of Mothership’s technology and Mothership to have direct control over the manufacturing of their Terrasoar Airship at eBlimp’s blimp factory.

In line with the merger, Mothership Aeronautics shifts from a service focused model to an aircraft sales-focused model. Mothership Aeronautics CEO, Jonathan Nutzati explains the decision: “As a manufacturer, we can put Terrasoar Airships into the fleets of drone service providers, globally and across industry verticals, faster than we can scale to compete for their contracts in their fields of specialization. When we’re building a new market, it helps us all to grow faster when we cooperate and share the opportunities created by this new technology.”

eBlimp 300W Blimp Airship

eBlimp has incorporated Mothership’s solar airship technology as an upgradeable option in various eBlimp airships. LED screen integrations and GPS-guided autopilot are also on the roadmap to be rolled out in 2019 across all outdoor eBlimps.

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